How to read HTML file in FreeBSD(base system)

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On 3/8/14, 5:26 AM, Eduardo Morras wrote:
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>> Hello,
>> I use FreeBSD 10.0 RELEASE now, and I just install the base system,
>> but I add doc when I install FreeBSD, so there are some docs in my
>> system, and they are HTML files, so I want to ask that does FreeBSD
>> provide some utilities to read HTML file in terminal?
>> You may say w3m is a good choice : )
>> I have use it before, it is a great web browser in CLI, and its use
>> experience is like vi : ) But I must install it from ports or src by
>> myself, so does FreeBSD provide some utilities in base system to
>> implement that?
> I think no one has answered your original question. No, there's no browser in Base to read FreeBSD Base documentation in HTML. You must install something from ports always. If you want install w3m as pkg, pkg must be installed from ports first.
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Base documentation is derived from  sources which can also deliver 
other media types.
Try formatting them as text. A Doc team member can probably tell you 
how to do that.

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