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Sun Sep 1 07:30:01 UTC 2013

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From: Frederic Culot <culot at>
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Subject: Re: docs/181080: porters-handbook: mention PLIST_DIRSTRY
Date: Sun, 1 Sep 2013 07:22:08 +0000

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 Following an off-list feedback from Warren (wblock@) I submit this
 updated patch which adds a note explaining into a bit more detail
 what PLIST_DIRSTRY is used for.
 This note is added right after the first PLIST_DIRS appearence and
 gives a link to the section where the @dirrm and @dirrmtry macros
 are explained, so I believe the reader is now able to grasp the
 meaning of PLIST_DIRSTRY more easily.
 However, adding an example of the PLIST_DISTRY usage was not deemed
 necessary as it is pretty straightforward to extrapolate the already
 existing PLIST_DIRS example for PLIST_DIRSTRY.
 Feel free to ping me in case you have any comments related to this
 updated patch, and thanks again Warren for your feedback.
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 Index: book.xml
 --- book.xml	(revision 42606)
 +++ book.xml	(working copy)
 @@ -278,6 +278,20 @@
  	<para>Of course, <makevar>PLIST_DIRS</makevar> should be left
  	  unset if a port installs no directories of its own.</para>
 +	<note>
 +	  <para>It is possible that several ports share a common
 +	    directory. In that case
 +	    <makevar>PLIST_DIRS</makevar> should be replaced by
 +	    <makevar>PLIST_DIRSTRY</makevar> so that the directory
 +	    is removed only if empty, otherwise it is silently
 +	    ignored. <makevar>PLIST_DIRS</makevar> and
 +	    <makevar>PLIST_DIRSTRY</makevar> are equivalent to
 +	    using <literal>@dirrm</literal> and
 +	    <literal>@dirrmtry</literal> in
 +	    <filename>pkg-plist</filename>, which are described in
 +	    <xref linkend="plist-dir-cleaning"/>.</para>
 +	</note>
  	<para>The price for this way of listing port's files and
  	  directories is that you cannot use command sequences
  	  described in &man.pkg.create.1;.  Therefore, it is suitable
 @@ -9918,20 +9932,25 @@
        <para>Another possibility to modify port's packing list is based
 -	on setting the variables <makevar>PLIST_FILES</makevar> and
 -	<makevar>PLIST_DIRS</makevar>.  The value of each variable is
 +	on setting the variables <makevar>PLIST_FILES</makevar>,
 +	<makevar>PLIST_DIRS</makevar>, and
 +	<makevar>PLIST_DIRSTRY</makevar>.  The value of each variable is
  	regarded as a list of pathnames to write to
  	<filename><makevar>TMPPLIST</makevar></filename> along with
  	<filename><makevar>PLIST</makevar></filename> contents.  Names
 -	listed in <makevar>PLIST_FILES</makevar> and
 -	<makevar>PLIST_DIRS</makevar> are subject to
 +	listed in <makevar>PLIST_FILES</makevar>,
 +	<makevar>PLIST_DIRS</makevar>, and
 +	<makevar>PLIST_DIRSTRY</makevar> are subject to
  	substitution, as described above.  Except for that, names from
  	<makevar>PLIST_FILES</makevar> will appear in the final
 -	packing list unchanged, while <literal>@dirrm</literal> will
 -	be prepended to names from <makevar>PLIST_DIRS</makevar>.  To
 -	take effect, <makevar>PLIST_FILES</makevar> and
 -	<makevar>PLIST_DIRS</makevar> must be set before
 +	packing list unchanged, while <literal>@dirrm</literal> and
 +	<literal>@dirrmtry</literal> will
 +	be prepended to names from <makevar>PLIST_DIRS</makevar>
 +	and <makevar>PLIST_DIRSTRY</makevar>, respectively.  To
 +	take effect, <makevar>PLIST_FILES</makevar>,
 +	<makevar>PLIST_DIRS</makevar>, and
 +	<makevar>PLIST_DIRSTRY</makevar> must be set before
  	<filename><makevar>TMPPLIST</makevar></filename> is written,
  	i.e., in <maketarget>pre-install</maketarget> or
 @@ -10059,8 +10078,9 @@
  	<filename>pkg-plist</filename> file (with or without variable
  	substitution), or embedded into the
  	<filename>Makefile</filename> via
 -	<makevar>PLIST_FILES</makevar> and
 -	<makevar>PLIST_DIRS</makevar>.  Even if the contents are
 +	<makevar>PLIST_FILES</makevar>,
 +	<makevar>PLIST_DIRS</makevar>, and
 +	<makevar>PLIST_DIRSTRY</makevar>.  Even if the contents are
  	auto-generated by a tool or a target in the Makefile
  	<emphasis>before</emphasis> the inclusion into the Ports
  	Collection by a committer, this is still considered a static

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