FreeBSD Make question

Simon J. Gerraty sjg at
Mon Oct 28 18:12:09 UTC 2013

On Mon, 28 Oct 2013 18:06:31 +0100, Johan Kuuse writes:
>> --------------------8<--------------------
>> TLIST = "/tmp/dir with space/one" "/tmp/another spacey thing/two"
>> tlist=
>> .for t in ${TLIST}
>> tlist+= ${t:tW:S, ,?,g:S,",,g}
>> # the above :tW causes the value to be treated as one-word
>The ':tW' variable modifier seems to be pmake/fmake syntax.

it is bmake (NetBSD make) specific - tells make to treat the variable
value as one word - avoids the need to do things like:

frobbed != echo ${var} | sed 's, ,+,g'

:tw undoes the effect 

>Is there any similar, non-documented, "treat-as-one-word"-modifier
>avilable for FreeBSD Make?

fmake - no.

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