docs/155982: [patch] remove reference to floppy installations

Ryusuke SUZUKI ryusuke at
Thu Mar 31 09:48:01 UTC 2011

blackend>  PC98 arch needs installation floppies, so it should not be "just" removed.

eadler> I was unaware of this. Do you think that the text should remain as is
eadler> or could parts of it be reworked to remove floppies as a primary
eadler> installation method? Perhaps a note about ppc could be added?

 I agree with blackend@ that it should not just be removed,
 since floppy images of i386, amd64, pc98, and sparc64 for 7.3 and 7.4-RELEASE
 are also available.

 I also agree with eadler@ that floppy is not a primary installation media.

 How about moving the text to chapter 2.13
 (Preparing Your Own Installation Media) like CDROM images?

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