offer of space for doc sprint

Dru Lavigne drulavigne at
Tue Mar 8 23:54:43 UTC 2011

Hello all,

The second conference on open source documentation teams will be held in Cincinnati, Ohio from Friday, June 3 to Monday, June 7:

I was at the first conference 2 years ago and it was a great experience to have the opportunity to talk to other doc teams (KDE, GNOME, XFCE, etc.) and to discuss how every team shares the same problems, no perfect tools exist, what tools are available, and general brainstorming on how to attract new blood, streamline processes, etc.

The conference organizers have offered space to the FreeBSD doc team to hold a doc sprint; in addition to a physical space for those who can travel to the conference, there will be a video conferencing bridge available so that remote sprinters can participate. The Foundation has indicated that they will accept travel grant requests to attend this conference.

Is anyone interested in participating in a doc sprint on Monday, June 7th? If so, we should set up a page on to start brainstorming what we'd like to accomplish, participants, etc.

Also, does anyone know if there are plans for a doc session during the BSDCan DevSummit? The FreeBSD Mall is still interested in publishing an updated version of the Handbook and I'd like to start brainstorming on tasks and dates so that that can become an achievable goal.



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