docs/163102: linprocfs mounted in wrong location in Handbook

Manolis Kiagias sonic2000gr at
Wed Dec 7 20:48:38 UTC 2011

On 7/12/2011 8:38 μμ, Kevin Baxter wrote:
>> If it happens that 9.0 installs into /compat, we should either add 
>> this to the documentation or file a PR so that either the linux_base 
>> package or bsdinstall creates the link.
>> But from the current PR it seems the OP was using 8.2-RELEASE which 
>> should not exhibit this.
> I'm using a ZFS root, so I used the wiki's RootOnZFS page to install 
> (which doesn't use sysinstall, and doesn't mention /compat).

Ah, that explains it then.
We could add this info to the wiki or just change the Handbook to 
/compat instead of /usr/compat since this will work in all cases anyway. 
I'm more inclined to do the latter (maybe with an additional note on 
custom installs).

> So is this a case of a non-standard installation being unsupported? 
> Should the wiki be changed to include that symlink? Or should one of 
> the install scripts be changed to make the symlink?

As it happens, bsdinstall on 9.0-RC3 still won't make the link so 
/compat is again created as a directory rather than a symlink. The 
default installation now uses a single UFS partition for everything 
rather than the legacy slice with /tmp /usr/ /var etc. so the 
probability of installing something on / and going out of disk space is 
minimal (but not zero, as someone may still opt to use MBR partitions 
and linux_base needs about 140 Mb of space). A PR for bsdinstall(8) for 
this is probably a good idea.

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