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ryusuke>  "The first thing many people need to set up is ppp,..."
ryusuke>  Do you agree?

mcl> To me, that sounds like that page is many years stale.

 Yes. I am afraid so, too.


 When I translate the FreeBSD document, I find the outdated sentence occasionally.
 In most case, I leave it as it is.

 Let me give two example.

o (About Applications for FreeBSD)

> Net surfing. A real UNIX workstation makes a great Internet surfboard.
> FreeBSD versions of Firefox and Opera are available for serious web users.
> Surf the web, publish your own web pages, read Usenet news, and send and
> receive email with a FreeBSD system on your desktop.

  The word "Net surfing" is still cool?

  In Japan, this is an obsolete word.
  I used "web browsing" for Japansese translation,

o (FreeBSD Java, how to help page)

  This page is terribly oudated. I am afraid that this page does not have
  enough information to help people to help Java.

  Translation of this page is finished, but I hesitate to commit...

  I do not plan to modify these. I will be happy if someone fix.


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