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ryusuke> diff -u -r1.58 newbies.sgml
ryusuke> --- newbies.sgml	9 Aug 2009 12:58:45 -0000	1.58
ryusuke> +++ newbies.sgml	9 Dec 2010 15:29:53 -0000
ryusuke> @@ -70,11 +70,10 @@
ryusuke>            beginners.  You do not have to know much about anything to enjoy
ryusuke>            this one.</p></li>
ryusuke> -      <li><p>The first thing many people need to set up is ppp, and there is
ryusuke> -          a lot of documentation to help. You might start with at least those
ryusuke> -          parts of the
ryusuke> -          <a href="&url.books;/handbook/index.html">Handbook</a>
ryusuke> -          that are relevant to your needs, and explore the
ryusuke> +      <li><p>There is a lot of documentation to help for setting up ppp.
ryusuke> +	  You might start with the <a
ryusuke> +	    href="&url.books;/handbook/ppp-and-slip.html">PPP and SLIP</a>
ryusuke> +	  chapter of the FreeBSD Handbook that are relevant to your needs, and explore the

gjb> Not to sound pedantic, but maybe 's/FreeBSD/&os;/' too? :)

 Thanks. I committed my patch with 's/FreeBSD/&os;/';

 I also replaced other "FreeBSD" with "&os;".

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