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Mon Oct 20 11:06:06 UTC 2008

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The following is a listing of current problems submitted by FreeBSD users.
These represent problem reports covering all versions including
experimental development code and obsolete releases.

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
o docs/128222  doc        [patch] man page truss(1) claims that init(8) can be t
o docs/128129  doc        Sysinstall color problem in xterm
o docs/128128  doc        Sysinstall not mentioned in 4.4 "Using the Packages Sy
o docs/128089  doc        [patch] Incorrect type in archive_write(3) manpage
o docs/128032  doc        pthread(3) mentions libkse which has been removed in 8
o docs/127952  doc        man for locate(1) is missing
o docs/127923  doc        Please mention qemu in the FreeBSD Handbook
o docs/127908  doc        [PATCH] readdir(3) error documentation
o docs/127890  doc        socket(2) man page should explain that protocol can be
p docs/127866  doc        Typos found in ifconfig(8) man page
o docs/127844  doc        Example code skeleton_capture_n.c in meteor(4) manpage
o docs/127842  doc        list of hardware devices missing from the relnotes
o docs/127840  doc        [patch] fix entity references in release/doc/en_US.ISO
o docs/127602  doc        [patch] Incomplete information in nsswitch.conf(5)
o docs/127575  doc        [patch] Update to ports (7) as it is missing a few mak
o docs/127406  doc        [patch] update umodem man page: Sony Ericsson W810i
o docs/127220  doc        [patch] err(3) suggests using exit values from sysexit
o docs/127219  doc        [patch] style(9) is inconsistent regarding usage of sy
o docs/126934  doc        missing 'crit' in usr.sbin/syslogd/syslog.conf.5
o docs/126921  doc        [patch] History section of cpuset(1) incorrect
o docs/126590  doc        [patch] Write routine called forever in Sample Echo Ps
o docs/126487  doc        fix language on atol(3) manpage
o docs/126484  doc        libc function res-zonscut2 is not documented
o docs/126445  doc        discussion on WEP settings in wpa_supplicant.conf(5) m
o docs/126227  doc        [patch] kthread(9) refers to non-existent manpage, des
o docs/125921  doc        lpd(8) talks about blocks in minfree while it is KB in
o docs/125896  doc        [PATCH] arp manual and syntax synchronisation
o docs/125751  doc        man 3 pthread_getschedparam section ERRORS incomplete
o docs/125639  doc        [patch] kldunloadf(2) does not mention about possible 
p docs/124166  doc        fortune: instant-workstation tip should go
o docs/123400  doc        gvinum startup in handbook
o docs/123035  doc        [patch] bugs in refuse.README
o docs/122470  doc        [patch] exit status on fetch(1) manual page
o docs/122053  doc        [patch] update on vinum(4) reference to newfs(8)
o docs/122052  doc        minor update on handbook section 20.7.1
o docs/121952  doc        Handbook chapter on Network Address Translation wrong 
o docs/121871  doc        ftpd does not interpret configuration files as documen
o docs/121585  doc        [handbook] Wrong multicast specification
o docs/121565  doc        dhcp-options(5) manpage incorrectly formatted omitting
s docs/121541  doc        [request] no man pages for wlan_scan_ap
o docs/121312  doc        RELNOTES_LANG breaks release if not en_US.ISO8859-1
o docs/121197  doc        [patch] edits to books/porters-handbook
o docs/121173  doc        [patch] mq_getattr(2): mq_flags mistakenly described a
s docs/120917  doc        [request]: Man pages mising for thr_xxx syscalls
o docs/120628  doc        PAE documentation errror in handbook
o docs/120539  doc        Inconsistent ipfw's man page
o docs/120456  doc        ath(4) needs to specify requirement on wlan_scan_sta
o docs/120125  doc        [patch] Installing FreeBSD 7.0 via serial console and 
o docs/120040  doc        handbook: diskless operation: populate root doesn't po
o docs/120024  doc        resolver(5) and hosts(5) need updated for IPv6
o docs/119907  doc        Ports compatibility
o docs/119746  doc        l10n chapter of handbook (Russian Language)
o docs/119545  doc        books/arch-handbook/usb/chapter.sgml formatting
a docs/119536  doc        a few typos in French handbook (basics)
s docs/119404  doc        [request] events page should list only last 2 years wo
o docs/119338  doc        gprof(1) refers to unmentioned option "-c"
o docs/119329  doc        [patch] Fix misleading man 1 split
o docs/118902  doc        [patch] wrong signatures in d2i_RSAPublicKey man pages
o docs/118545  doc        loader tunables kern.dfldsiz and friends nearly undocu
o docs/118332  doc        man page for top does not describe STATE column wait e
o docs/118214  doc        close(2) error returns incomplete
o docs/118020  doc        ipfilter(4): man pages query for man 4 ipfilter return
o docs/117798  doc        formatting oddity in sysmouse(4)
o docs/117747  doc        'break' system call needs a man page
o docs/117013  doc        mount_smbfs(8) doesn't document -U (username) argument
o docs/116480  doc        sysctl(3) description of kern.file no longer applies s
o docs/116116  doc        mktemp (3) re/move note
o docs/116080  doc        PREFIX is documented, but not the more important LOCAL
o docs/115921  doc        Booting from pst(4) is not supported
o docs/115065  doc        [patch] sync ps.1 with p_flag and keywords
o docs/114371  doc        [patch] [ip6] rtadvd.con(5) should show how to adverti
o docs/114184  doc        [patch] [ndis]: add info to man 4 ndis
o docs/114139  doc        mbuf(9) has misleading comments on M_DONTWAIT and M_TR
o docs/113194  doc        [patch] [request] crontab.5: handling of day-in-month 
o docs/112804  doc        groff(1) command should be called to explicitly use "p
o docs/112682  doc        Handbook GEOM_GPT explanation does not provide accurat
o docs/112481  doc        bug in ppp.linkup example
o docs/111425  doc        Missing chunks of text in historical manpages
o docs/111265  doc        [request] Clarify how to set common shell variables
o docs/111263  doc        [request] Information on $EDITOR variable in section 3
o docs/111147  doc        hostapd.conf is not documented
o docs/110999  doc        carp(4) should document unsupported interface types
o docs/110692  doc        wi(4) man page doesn't say WPA is not supported
o docs/110376  doc        [patch] add some more explanations for the iwi/ipw fir
o docs/110253  doc        [patch] rtprio(1): remove processing starvation commen
o docs/110062  doc        [patch] mount_nfs(8) fails to mention a failure condit
o docs/110061  doc        [PATCH] tuning(7) missing reference to vfs.read_max
o docs/109983  doc        No manual entry for protoize
o docs/109981  doc        No manual entry for post-grohtml
o docs/109977  doc        No manual entry for ksu
o docs/109975  doc        No manual entry for elf2aout
o docs/109973  doc        No manual entry for c++filt
o docs/109972  doc        No manual entry for zless/bzless
f docs/109226  doc        [request] No manual entry for sntp
o docs/109201  doc        [request]: manual for callbootd
o docs/109115  doc        add Ultra 450 to hardware list for sparc64
a docs/108980  doc        list of missing man pages
o docs/108101  doc        /boot/default/loader.conf contains an incorrect commen
o docs/106135  doc        [request] articles/vinum needs to be updated
o docs/105997  doc        sys/kern/sys_pipe.c refer to tuning(7), but there is n
o docs/105608  doc        fdc(4) debugging description staled
o docs/104879  doc        Howto: Listen to IMA ADPCM .wav files on FreeBSD box
o docs/104403  doc        man security should mention that the usage of the X Wi
o docs/102719  doc        [patch] ng_bpf(4) example leads to unneeded promiscuos
o docs/102148  doc        The description of which Intel chips have EM64T is out
o docs/101464  doc        sync ru_RU.KOI8-R/articles/portbuild/article.html with
o docs/100242  doc        sysctl(3) description of KERN_PROC is not correct anym
o docs/100196  doc        man login.conf does explain not "unlimited"
o docs/99506   doc        FreeBSD Handbook addition:  IPv6 Server Settings
o docs/98974   doc        Missing tunables in loader(8) manpage
o docs/98759   doc        [patch] sbp_targ(4) man page missing reference to devi
o docs/98115   doc        Missing parts after rendering handbook to RTF format
o docs/96207   doc        Comments of a sockaddr_un structure could confuse one
o docs/95139   doc        FAQ to move filesystem to new disk fails: incorrect pe
o docs/94625   doc        [patch] growfs man page -- document "panic: not enough
o docs/92626   doc        jail manpage should mention disabling some periodic sc
o docs/91506   doc        ndis(4) man page should be more specific about support
o docs/91149   doc        read(2) can return EINVAL for unaligned access to bloc
o docs/88512   doc        [patch] mount_ext2fs(8) man page has no details on lar
o docs/87936   doc        Handbook chapter on NIS/YP lacks good information on a
o docs/87857   doc        ifconfig(8) wireless options order matters
o docs/86342   doc        bikeshed entry of Handbook is wrong
o docs/85187   doc        [patch] find(1) manpage missing block info for -ls
o docs/85128   doc        [patch] loader.conf(5) autoboot_delay incompletly desc
o docs/85118   doc        [PATCH] opiekey(1) references non-existing opiegen(1)
o docs/85100   doc        NOTES: ICH audio device support statement is ambiguous
o docs/84956   doc        [patch] intro(5) manpage doesn't mention API coverage
o docs/84932   doc        new document: printing with an Epson ALC-3000N on Free
o docs/84806   doc        mdoc(7) manpage has section ordering problems
o docs/84670   doc        [patch] tput(1) manpage missing ENVIRONMENT section wi
o docs/84538   doc        [patch] sk(4) driver supports Marvell 88E800x chip too
o docs/84317   doc        fdp-primer doesn't show class=USERNAME distinctively
o docs/84268   doc        chmod(1) manpage's BUGS entry is either wrong or too c
o docs/84265   doc        [patch] chmod(1) manpage omits implication of setting 
f docs/82595   doc        25.5.3 Configuring a bridge section of the handbook ne
o docs/78480   doc        Networked printer setup unnecessarily complex in handb
o docs/78240   doc        [patch] handbook: replace <literal> with <quote> aroun
o docs/78138   doc        [patch] Error in pre-installation section of installat
o docs/76333   doc        [patch] ferror(3): EOF indicator can be cleared by not
o docs/75865   doc        comments on "backup-basics" in handbook
o docs/70652   doc        [patch] New man page: portindex(5)
o docs/69861   doc        [patch] usr.bin/csplit/csplit.1 does not document POSI
o docs/61605   doc        [request] Improve documentation for i386 disk geometry
o docs/61301   doc        [patch] Manpage patch for aue(4) to enable HomePNA fun
o docs/59835   doc        ipfw(8) man page does not warn about accepted but mean
o docs/59477   doc        Outdated Info Documents at
o docs/59044   doc        [patch] does not properly handle a sour
o docs/57388   doc        [patch] INSTALL.TXT enhancement: mention ok prompt
s docs/54752   doc        bus_dma explained in ISA section in Handbook: should b
o docs/53751   doc        bus_dma(9) incorrectly documents BUS_DMA_ALLOCNOW
o docs/53596   doc        Updates to mt(1) manual page
o docs/53271   doc        bus_dma(9) fails to document alignment restrictions
o docs/50211   doc        [PATCH] fix textfile creation
o docs/48101   doc        [patch] add documentation on the fixit disk to the FAQ
o docs/47818   doc        [patch] ln(1) manpage is confusing
o docs/43823   doc        [PATCH] update to environ(7) manpage
o docs/41089   doc        pax(1) -B option does not mention interaction with -z 
o docs/40423   doc        Keyboard(4)'s definition of parameters to GETFKEY/SETF
o docs/38982   doc        [patch] developers-handbook/Jail fix
o docs/38556   doc        EPS file of beastie, as addition to existing examples
o docs/36449   doc        symlink(7) manual doesn't mention trailing slash, etc.
s docs/35678   doc        docproj Makefiles for web are broken for paths with sp
s docs/33589   doc        [patch] to to post process .tex files.
a docs/30008   doc        [patch] French softupdates document should be translat
o docs/27605   doc        [patch] Cross-document references (<olink>)
o docs/26286   doc        *printf(3) etc should gain format string warnings
o docs/24786   doc        missing FILES descriptions in sa(4)
s docs/20028   doc        ASCII docs should reflect <emphasis> tags in the sourc

168 problems total.

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