Please test new RSS 2.0 news feed

Murray Stokely murray at
Mon Jan 7 16:14:18 UTC 2008

I'd like to change the default feed links from the current RDF/RSS 0.9 (
news.rdf) to a new RSS 2.0 feed I added support for last night.  Please take
a look and let me know if you notice any problems :

The w3c feed validator likes this, and it looks better in Google Reader and
allows one to read the full articles in the feed aggregator, not just the
titles.  I'll add its last recommendation to include a self-referential
atom:link self tag so that it is self-contained.  If this looks good I can
also update the other feeds (e.g. security advisories) to use RSS
2.0instead of RDF/RSS
0.9.  The old feed will continue to exist at its same location so nothing
will break for users that rely on it, I've just added a new feed and want to
link to it as the default.

     - Murray

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