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C A N A D I A N   S U B S I D Y  D I R E C T O R Y

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The Canadian Subsidy Directory 2007 is now available, newly revised it is 
the most complete and affordable reference for anyone looking for financing.
It is the perfect tool for new and existing businesses, individuals, 
foundations and associations.

This Publication contains  more than 3200 direct and indirect
financial subsidies, grants and loans offered by government departments and
agencies, foundations, associations and organizations.  In this new 2007 
edition all programs are well described.

The  C a n a d i a n  S u b s i d y   D i r e c t o r y   is the most comprehensive 
tool to start up a business, improve existent activities, set up a business plan, 
or obtain assistance from experts in fields such as: Industry, transport, agriculture,
communications, municipal infrastructure, education, import-export, labour,
construction and renovation, the service sector, hi-tech industries, 
research and development, joint ventures, arts, cinema, theatre, music and recording
industry, the self employed, contests, and new talents.
Assistance from and for foundations and associations, guidance to prepare a
business plan, market surveys, computers, and much more!

The Canadian Subsidy Directory is sold $ 69.95 (CD-ROM), $ 149.95 (Printed 430 pages)
to obtain a copy please call toll free **1-866-322-3376**




Les Publications Canadiennes offrent au public une édition révisée de 
l' A N N U A I R E  D E S  S U B V E N T I O N S  A U  Q U É B E C  
contenant plus de 1900 programmes  d'aides et de subventions provenant 
des divers paliers gouvernementaux et organismes.

L' A N N U A I R E   D E S   S U B V E N T I O N S   A U   Q U É B E C 
est l'outil idéal soit pour démarrer son entreprise, améliorer une 
entreprise existante, mettre sur pied son plan d'affaires ou obtenir 
l'aide de conseillers experts dans le domaine des affaires:
Démarrage d'entreprises, études, recherches, arts, agriculture, import export,
main d'oeuvre, cinéma, prêts, promotion, bourses, théatre, transports,
communications, mise sur pied et développement d'entreprises, construction et
rénovation, aérospatial, concours, nouveaux talents, aide aux associations,
organismes et fondations, informatique, musique, industrie du disque, plans
d'affaires, études de marchés, infrastructures, aide aux travailleurs autonomes
et plus encore !

Cd-rom(format .pdf).............$ 69.95
Imprimé(Cd-inclus) .............$ 149.95

Informations.....................ligne sans frais **1-866-322-3376

unsuscribe requests: use delete2007 at

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