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Mon Mar 31 19:00:27 UTC 2003

Current FreeBSD problem reports

The following is a listing of current problems submitted by FreeBSD users.
These represent problem reports covering all versions including
experimental development code and obsolete releases.

Bugs can be in one of several states:

o - open
     A problem report has been submitted, no sanity checking performed.

a - analyzed
     The problem is understood and a solution is being sought.

f - feedback
     Further work requires additional information from the
     originator or the community - possibly confirmation of
     the effectiveness of a proposed solution.

p - patched
     A patch has been committed, but some issues (MFC and / or
     confirmation from originator) are still open.

s - suspended
     The problem is not being worked on, due to lack of information
     or resources.  This is a prime candidate
     for somebody who is looking for a project to do.
     If the problem cannot be solved at all,
     it will be closed, rather than suspended.

c - closed
     A problem report is closed when any changes have been integrated,
     documented, and tested -- or when fixing the problem is abandoned.

Critical problems

S  Submitted   Tracker     Resp.       Description
a [2001/10/31] i386/31671  doc         4.4 installer hangs at " Mounting root fr

1 problem total.

Serious problems

S  Submitted   Tracker     Resp.       Description
s [1999/10/04] i386/14135  doc         lpt1 nolonger exists after 3.2-RELEASE
s [2000/07/18] docs/20028  doc         ASCII docs should reflect <emphasis> tags
o [2001/05/23] docs/27605  doc         Cross-document references (<olink>)
o [2002/01/15] ports/33929 doc         Section 15.15 of the FreeBSD Porter's Han
o [2002/03/06] docs/35620  doc         make release fails in documentation for R
s [2002/03/08] docs/35678  doc         docproj Makefiles for web are broken for 
o [2002/03/21] docs/36168  doc         -pthread/_THREAD_SAFE docs missing in gcc
o [2002/08/20] docs/41824  doc         LANG is not documented in setlocale(3)
o [2002/08/22] docs/41892  doc         Patch to fix slowdowns of documentation b
o [2002/09/01] docs/42292  doc         PPP documentation should use quote marks 
o [2002/09/02] docs/42339  doc         Release process doesn't document required
o [2002/09/13] docs/42762  doc         ppp.8 has no description of $env and ~use
o [2002/10/07] docs/43776  doc         /etc/sshd_config settings overridden by P
o [2002/11/14] docs/45303  doc         Bug in PDF DocBook rendering
o [2002/12/15] docs/46286  doc         there's an omission and an error in the n
o [2003/02/19] docs/48472  doc         Documentation unreadable.
o [2003/02/26] docs/48728  doc         Option "device agp" in GENERIC kernel on 
o [2003/03/30] docs/50457  doc         /etc/defaults/rc.conf pccard_ifconfig cou

18 problems total.

Non-critical problems

S  Submitted   Tracker     Resp.       Description
o [2001/02/01] docs/24786  doc         missing FILES descriptions in sa(4)
o [2001/04/29] docs/26943  doc         [patch] description of :C modifier is mis
o [2001/07/04] docs/28699  doc         strptime(3) %d format specifier not compl
o [2001/07/26] docs/29245  doc         top(1) manpage doesn't understand SMP
a [2001/08/23] docs/30008  doc         This document should be translated, comme
o [2001/09/08] docs/30442  doc         remove broken referemce to gettime(9) fro
o [2001/09/27] docs/30873  doc         ``ip'' man page does not specify byte ord
o [2001/10/07] docs/31109  doc         replace gif images w/ png ones due to pat
o [2001/10/09] docs/31164  doc         man page for strftime is incorrect
o [2001/11/15] docs/32020  doc         loader.8 manpage missing tunables
o [2001/11/16] docs/32054  doc         inconsistency between index.3 and rindex.
o [2001/12/10] docs/32674  doc         no man page for the ntp_adjtime system ca
o [2002/01/05] docs/33589  doc         Patch to to post process .
o [2002/01/13] docs/33852  doc         split(1) man page implies that input file
o [2002/01/14] docs/33877  doc         Documentet behaviour of SF_flags for non-
o [2002/01/15] misc/33926  doc         Search function on website can not access
o [2002/02/15] bin/34955   doc         [PATCH] ps(1) is out of touch with realit
a [2002/02/16] docs/35011  doc         There are no commands called "diskless" o
o [2002/02/22] docs/35222  doc         mailing list archive URL regexp suboptima
o [2002/03/03] docs/35523  doc         manpage fixes for df(1) and ls(1)
o [2002/03/05] docs/35575  doc         Pw(8) man page makes no mention of /var/l
o [2002/03/06] docs/35602  doc         dump(8)/restore(8) pages don't explain "a
o [2002/03/06] docs/35607  doc         dump(1) page needs discussion of scary er
o [2002/03/06] docs/35608  doc         mt(1) page uses "setmark" without explana
o [2002/03/06] docs/35609  doc         mt(1) page needs explanation of "long era
o [2002/03/06] docs/35612  doc         ps(1) page "state" description doesn't me
o [2002/03/07] docs/35642  doc         lo(4) page maybe should document optional
o [2002/03/07] docs/35644  doc         lo(4) page presumes familiarity with prin
o [2002/03/07] docs/35646  doc         cp(1) page needs a "Bugs" section.
o [2002/03/07] docs/35647  doc         www; combine query-by-number and multi-fi
o [2002/03/07] docs/35648  doc         rc.conf; add note about "flags" to both f
o [2002/03/07] docs/35649  doc         mount_smbfs(8) page: "See ./examples/dot.
o [2002/03/07] docs/35652  doc         bsd.README seriously obsolete
o [2002/03/08] docs/35686  doc         blackhole(4) page seems to contradict its
o [2002/03/08] docs/35687  doc         /etc/nsmb.conf missing mention of readers
o [2002/03/10] docs/35732  doc         adduser(8) page has obsolete reference an
o [2002/03/12] docs/35823  doc         [PATCH] Little Restructuring of the Devel
o [2002/03/15] docs/35941  doc         cd(4) manual doesn't mention "target" use
o [2002/03/15] docs/35943  doc         at(1) config files are misplaced in /var/
o [2002/03/15] docs/35953  doc         hosts.equiv(5) manual is confusing or wro
o [2002/03/20] misc/36154  doc         Getting USB mouse to work: usbd and mouse
o [2002/03/28] docs/36432  doc         Proposal for doc/share/mk: make folded bo
o [2002/03/28] docs/36449  doc         symlink(7) manual doesn't mention trailin
o [2002/03/28] docs/36459  doc         tftp(1) manual's "get" syntax/description
o [2002/04/01] docs/36628  doc         header an footer of openssl manpages are 
o [2002/04/18] docs/37221  doc         obsolete reference to seqpacket in mount_
o [2002/04/25] docs/37470  doc         jail field not documented in procfs(5)
o [2002/05/03] docs/37719  doc         Detail VOP_ naming in a relevant man-page
o [2002/05/07] docs/37843  doc         manual for pthread_setschedparam is wrong
o [2002/05/15] docs/38117  doc         New FAQ entry for memory states
o [2002/05/15] docs/38118  doc         New FAQ entry for amount of free memory
o [2002/05/18] docs/38225  doc         change "CDROM" to "CD-ROM"
o [2002/05/22] docs/38426  doc         extra manpage .Xr to locate relevant sysc
o [2002/05/25] docs/38556  doc         EPS file of beastie, as addition to exist
o [2002/05/27] docs/38620  doc         Committers Guide and CVS
o [2002/05/27] docs/38647  doc         cvsupit built-in instructions are slightl
o [2002/05/31] docs/38772  doc         firewall_type feature not mentioned on Ha
o [2002/06/02] docs/38817  doc         /usr/share/man/man8/boot.8.gz documents /
o [2002/06/07] docs/38982  doc         developers-hanbook/Jail fix
o [2002/06/10] docs/39129  doc         handbook; type WRT simulating postscript
o [2002/06/12] docs/39213  doc         No rc(4) man page
o [2002/06/12] docs/39214  doc         No my(4) man page
o [2002/06/14] docs/39293  doc         the dumpon man page incorrectly states th
o [2002/06/15] docs/39348  doc         kenv fetch of hostname requires dhcp/boot
o [2002/06/19] docs/39530  doc         access(2) man page has unnecessarily broa
o [2002/06/19] docs/39532  doc         'find' man page should
o [2002/06/24] docs/39822  doc         firewall.7: change "Mbits" to "Mbits/s" a
o [2002/06/24] docs/39824  doc         Various tweaks for doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/bo
o [2002/07/04] docs/40196  doc         man find does not describe -follow
o [2002/07/05] docs/40234  doc         Typos and language cleanup in /usr/share/
o [2002/07/07] docs/40313  doc         Grammar, wording, and clarifications for 
o [2002/07/10] docs/40423  doc         Keyboard(4)'s definition of parameters to
o [2002/07/10] docs/40443  doc         Update books/faq/book.sgml for USB .ko's 
o [2002/07/21] docs/40851  doc         [PATCH] "mergemaster -p" in UPDATING's "C
o [2002/07/22] docs/40910  doc         [PATCH] Typos & grammer fixes for /usr/sh
o [2002/07/22] docs/40911  doc         [PATCH] Minor improvements for /usr/share
o [2002/07/24] docs/40952  doc         login.conf should mention that "idletime"
o [2002/07/28] docs/41089  doc         pax -B option does not mention interactio
o [2002/07/29] docs/41110  doc         "apropos linux" doesn't find brandelf
o [2002/07/30] docs/41167  doc         adventure.6 man-page, add section AUTHORS
o [2002/08/02] docs/41263  doc         [PATCH] Clarifications and minor grammer 
o [2002/08/02] docs/41270  doc         confusing directions for kernelconfig cha
o [2002/08/07] docs/41423  doc         Update FAQ: attrib command for windows du
o [2002/08/12] docs/41578  doc         Incorrect #include in the usb(4) manpage 
o [2002/08/12] docs/41580  doc         usb(4) manpage: Structures' fields aren't
o [2002/08/18] docs/41761  doc         Update for /ru/internal/ part of site
o [2002/08/19] docs/41787  doc         man page for route (Section 8) missing de
o [2002/08/19] docs/41791  doc         Documentation formatting error
o [2002/08/19] docs/41807  doc         natd -punch_fw "bug"
o [2002/08/20] docs/41820  doc         Device driver confusion in Handbook (2.3)
o [2002/08/21] docs/41879  doc         cleanup to DOCROOT/share/sgml/freebsd.dsl
o [2002/08/22] docs/41919  doc         MINI kernel for bootfloppy (Handbook p.34
a [2002/08/27] docs/42058  doc         Documentation: Installing Oracle 8i onto 
o [2002/09/01] docs/42293  doc         copystr(9) man page incorrectly describes
o [2002/09/26] docs/43410  doc         hardware-i386.html doesn't even mention p
o [2002/09/27] docs/43416  doc         pw(8) -u uidmin,uidmax feature is out of 
o [2002/10/01] docs/43569  doc         src/share/examples/worm/README out-of-dat
o [2002/10/04] docs/43651  doc         stab(5) incorrectly states to include jus
o [2002/10/09] docs/43861  doc         non-trivial typo in wicontrol man page
f [2002/10/09] docs/43864  doc         Minor documentation to add
o [2002/10/10] docs/43899  doc         incorrect info in man page for fetch (8) 
o [2002/10/11] docs/43941  doc         Rationale for Upgrade Sequence
o [2002/10/14] docs/44074  doc         ln(1) manual clarifications [patch]
o [2002/10/18] docs/44217  doc         Problematic PDF version of handbook for 4
o [2002/10/21] docs/44337  doc         [PATCH] netstat(1) manual references none
o [2002/10/23] docs/44400  doc         ipfw(8) has contradictions in bridged and
o [2002/10/24] docs/44435  doc         sysctl manpage: add example for tcsh
o [2002/10/29] docs/44594  doc         Handbook doesn't mention drivers.flp for 
o [2002/11/14] docs/45294  doc         LINT notes are murky re PQ_CACHESIZE sett
o [2002/11/17] docs/45371  doc         man page for exports lacks information on
o [2002/11/25] docs/45702  doc         Error in manual page ssh_config(5)
o [2002/12/02] docs/45940  doc         burncd missing info
o [2002/12/11] docs/46181  doc         "make fetch-recursive" target description
o [2002/12/11] docs/46196  doc         Missing return value in (set_)menu_format
o [2002/12/11] docs/46200  doc         fix for ru_RU.KOI8-R/books/porters-handbo
o [2002/12/16] docs/46291  doc         correlation between HZ kernel config para
o [2002/12/16] docs/46295  doc         please add information to Nvi recovery em
o [2003/01/02] docs/46709  doc         tables in terminfo.5 are broken
o [2003/01/05] docs/46793  doc         DEVICE_POLLING can not be used with SMP, 
o [2003/01/09] docs/46919  doc         setkey(8) references the wrong RFC for ES
o [2003/01/14] docs/47085  doc         boot(8) manpage is incomplete according t
o [2003/01/27] docs/47575  doc         Clarify requirements for IPFW2 in STABLE
o [2003/01/28] docs/47594  doc         [PATH] passwd(5) incorrectly states allow
o [2003/01/30] docs/47690  doc         builtin(1) manpage is wrong about externa
o [2003/01/30] docs/47705  doc         wc(1) manpage has poor explanations.
f [2003/02/02] docs/47818  doc         ln(1) manpage is confusing
o [2003/02/02] docs/47824  doc         auto-create plist chapter should mention 
o [2003/02/05] docs/47991  doc         Handbook section on upgrading kernel says
o [2003/02/06] docs/48018  doc         telnetd(8) manpage appears incorrect rega
o [2003/02/07] docs/48038  doc         [PATCH] add Tips and Tricks section into 
o [2003/02/08] docs/48083  doc         [PATCH] missing #include in manpage for i
o [2003/02/08] docs/48097  doc         Manual for camediaplay(1) falsely describ
o [2003/02/08] docs/48101  doc         There's no documentation on the fixit dis
o [2003/02/08] docs/48104  doc         disktab(1) manpage omits b0 and b1, etc.
o [2003/02/12] docs/48210  doc         make -q only does what the manpage says i
o [2003/02/17] docs/48407  doc         PPP section needs a cleanup.
o [2003/02/20] docs/48493  doc         missing range information in arc4random()
o [2003/02/28] docs/48767  doc         wrong key numbers for left/right windows 
o [2003/03/06] docs/48980  doc         [PATCH] nsgmls -s errors and sect. 3.2.1 
o [2003/03/08] docs/49036  doc         Add Sitecom multi-flash reader to umass(4
o [2003/03/13] docs/49977  doc         DLink DWL520 is no longer Prism 2.5 based
o [2003/03/14] docs/50013  doc         [PATCH] add much more russian holydays
o [2003/03/21] docs/50181  doc         localtime_r man page doesn't exist
o [2003/03/22] docs/50200  doc         Handbook "Kerberos" chapter doesn't quali
o [2003/03/23] docs/50211  doc         [PATCH] Fix textfile creation
o [2003/03/27] docs/50349  doc         make release fails with NO_OPENSSH and ! 
o [2003/03/28] docs/50390  doc         no man page for suser_xxx()
o [2003/03/28] docs/50391  doc         Incorrect information in a man
o [2003/03/28] docs/50401  doc         connect.2: EHOSTUNREACH not documented
o [2003/03/29] docs/50426  doc         [PATCH] Fix another minor typo in ifnet(9
o [2003/03/30] docs/50463  doc         netstat(1) points to mbuf(9) which doesn'
o [2003/03/30] docs/50469  doc         "mount_msdos -W" issue in handbook

152 problems total.

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