quotation marks in HTML output

Martin Karlsson mk-freebsd at bredband.net
Thu Mar 27 18:01:32 UTC 2003

* Giorgos Keramidas <keramida at FreeBSD.org> [2003-03-26 20.54 +0200]:
> It's a long standing typographical convention, which I do prefer in
> all printed material, given the proper fonts and letter-form.  Alas,
> today, most of the fonts that people use have these ugly, stupid marks
> that look bizarre instead of proper back-quotes and short, thin,
> vertical lines instead of proper right quotes.

Aah, now I get it; it's been a long time since I saw proper print quotation
marks (or at least a long time since I noted the difference), that I
seem to have managed to forget about them.

> This makes ``example'' look terrible.  Most notably, in HTML browsers,
> the right part looks some times like ``example" which is hurting my
> eyes and looks very unpleasant.

Yes, it does look rather unpleasant.

> For these reasons, I'd probably support switching to double quotes
> like "...." for HTML output.  But only for HTML output.

I agree. Thanks for explaining, Giorgos!

Martin Karlsson

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