WSLg update on 1-5-2021 - BSD / WSL

Pete Wright pete at
Mon May 3 21:37:19 UTC 2021

On 5/1/21 12:42 PM, Chargen wrote:
> Dear all
> please note that I hope this message will be discussed to get this on the
> roadmap for FreeBSD. Perhaps there is already talk about &&  work done on
> that.
> I would like to suggest having a BSD side for Microsoft FOSS ambitions and
> get to know the BSD license. I hope the tech people here, know which nuts
> and bolts would be ready to boot a *BSD subsystem kernel and make that
> available on Windows 10 installations.

I believe most of the effort make this happen lies with Microsoft - it 
is their product after all.

WSL under the covers is Hyper-V which supports FreeBSD pretty well. I 
believe most of the work would be on the Windows side to get the 
plumbing in place to spin up a FreeBSD VM.  There are open discussions 
on the WSL github system where people have asked for this but it has not 
gained much traction by Microsoft.


Pete Wright
pete at

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