boot loader blank screen

John Kennedy warlock at
Mon Jan 4 16:24:20 UTC 2021

This is a little weird.

Somewhere between 13.0-g2ff66a915526 (Dec 30th) and -gd03fd8ede2c4 (Dec 29th),
I've lost the screen in the boot loader.  This is really weird because I
didn't update the boot loader (in quite a while, actually), but I suppose it
might drag some stuff off of the disk and misbehave.

But the system boots, presumably after the countdown that I can't see, I just
have to SSH in from a different machine to tweak things.  Just no screen at
all past the GELI encrypted disk password prompt (and some usual noise as
it complains about some padding that I've seen forever).

I used to just upgrade the boot loader around ZFS upgrades, and I haven't
done that since OpenZFS got merged.  I just got overly conservative there
and may have missed the "all clear" for all combinations of ZFS and the
bootloader recognizing them.

The git logs in /usr/src aren't time-sequential, so maybe I shouldn't trust
those dates above (I pulled it ~Jan 3rd and let it compile overnight), but
I'm going to repull all the sources and recompile, just in case.  I might
have initiall pulled it during the git conversion and maybe it is confused.

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