CURRENT, usr/src on git, howto "mergemaster"?

Christos Chatzaras chris at
Mon Jan 4 16:14:39 UTC 2021

> I do not remember mergemaster having a bootstrap stage in setting
> it up, a stage that should be executed before /usr/src (or whatever)
> is updated. So the procedures are different overall.

etcupdate does a 3-way merge.

What I did to replace mergemaster with etcupdate was:

rm -fr /usr/src
svnup release
etcupdate extract
rm -fr /usr/src
gitup release

cd /usr/src
make buildworld
make buildkernel

make installkernel
etcupdate -p
make installworld

make -DBATCH_DELETE_OLD_FILES delete-old
make -DBATCH_DELETE_OLD_FILES delete-old-libs

shutdown -r now

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