Despite the documentation, "etcupdate extract" handles -D destdir (and its contribution to the default workdir)

John Baldwin jhb at
Mon Apr 26 16:53:05 UTC 2021

On 4/24/21 12:22 PM, Mark Millard via freebsd-current wrote:
> # etcupdate -?
> Illegal option -?
> usage: etcupdate [-npBF] [-d workdir] [-r | -s source | -t tarball]
>                   [-A patterns] [-D destdir] [-I patterns] [-L logfile]
>                   [-M options]
>         etcupdate build [-B] [-d workdir] [-s source] [-L logfile] [-M options]
>                   <tarball>
>         etcupdate diff [-d workdir] [-D destdir] [-I patterns] [-L logfile]
>         etcupdate extract [-B] [-d workdir] [-s source | -t tarball] [-L logfile]
>                   [-M options]
>         etcupdate resolve [-p] [-d workdir] [-D destdir] [-L logfile]
>         etcupdate status [-d workdir] [-D destdir]
> The "etcupdate extract" material does not show -D destdir as valid.

Thanks, it was a documentation oversight I've just fixed.  It is definitely
supposed to work and is quite useful for cross-builds (e.g. I use it frequently
to update rootfs images I use with qemu for RISC-V or MIPS that I run under
qemu, or when updating the SD-card for my RPI that I cross-build on an x86

John Baldwin

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