13.1 from main?

Ronald Klop ronald-lists at klop.ws
Thu Apr 22 21:37:32 UTC 2021


Just wondering a bit. Why wouldn't the FreeBSD project release 13.1 from the main branch in about six months or some other time period? While making some monthly errata releases in the meantime.
- This saves a lot of back porting of commits.
- It prevents branches with old code like the current 11-branch with an old openssl version. Release early.
- Saves some people time in maintaining the branches.
- Saves time in coordinating the releases. Release often.
- Reduces the number of needed RC's. Because the main branch doesn't divert a lot of what people are running in production.
- Most people start testing/production use after the release. So this should be used as input for the main branch to improve the next release. Currently the feedback of 13.0 is put in 14.0 which is 2 years in the future.

Just some thoughts. Which I really like. :-)


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