Review D28062 of /usr/src/UPDATING with regard to upgrading FreeBSD and inconsistency with the FreeBSD Handbook

John Baldwin jhb at
Wed Apr 21 17:19:33 UTC 2021

On 4/17/21 12:52 PM, Graham Perrin wrote:
> 2)
> <> line 2274
> etcupdate -p
> I get:
>   > No previous tree to compare against, a sane comparison is not possible.

Hmm, how did you initially install this machine?  Release images should
generally include a pre-populated /var/db/etcupdate so that etcupdate
works.  If you don't have one of those, you will have to perform an
initial bootstrap of etcupdate (only once) by running 'etcupdate extract'.
If you do this before you update /usr/src then 'etcupdate' will later
work fine.  If you are doing this after you have already updated
/usr/src, you will need to run 'etcupdate diff' after 'etcupdate extract'
and fix any unexpected local differences in the generated patch, e.g.
by copying files from /var/db/etcupdate/current/etc to /etc.  Once
you have done this, 'etcupdate' will work fine on the next upgrade.

However, I'm curious how you didn't get the etcupdate bootstrap when
you initially installed.

John Baldwin

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