Review D28062 of /usr/src/UPDATING with regard to upgrading FreeBSD and inconsistency with the FreeBSD Handbook

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> Subject: Review D28062 of /usr/src/UPDATING with regard to upgrading
> FreeBSD and inconsistency with the FreeBSD Handbook
> 1)
> <> lines 2273 and
> 2275
> With ZFS in the mix, /usr/src is present but empty (the file system is not
> mounted).

See [3] a bit lower in the file at 2341. (cherry picked)
- mount -u /, to mount the root as rw so that you can installworld on it.
- sh /etc/rc.d/zfs start to mount all other datasets such as /usr/src, comes
down to "service zfs start"

> If single user mode is recommended, then why is this not in the FreeBSD
> Handbook?
> <
> ok/cutting-
> edge/_index.adoc?id=84d56d3868a699c64c51d7453cedab0f3468ba03#n620>

Speaking of my own experience, I have not had any trouble doing source
installs on the fly (not in single user mode)
Altough, these mostly deal with STABLE/CURRENT branches and I can't comment
on why it is recommended (probably just the safer route for .so bumps).

> 2)
> <> line 2274
> etcupdate -p
> I get:
>  > No previous tree to compare against, a sane comparison is not possible.
> <>
> In the past I simply ran etcupdate after make installworld.

Thats fine as long as there are no changes that could impact the
installworld process, like an extra user that might be added (ntpd most
recent), these are scarce though and you will typically notice pretty
quickly as the installworld process will fail in some sort of way.
I'm uncertain why it cannot compare to a previous tree, for me it gives no
output which means its fine.
Do you get normal output from "etcupdate diff"?

> If etcupdate -p fails before make installworld, then should the subsequent
> etcupdate be with or without option -B ?

-p and -B are not related.

-p deals with changes needed for a correct run of installworld (see above).

-B uses a freshly built world to speed up the tree comparison; although no
flags work fine here as well, so -B is not necessarily required.

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