Cross-compiling CURRENT to Raspberry 4

Alexis Praga alexis.praga at
Fri Apr 16 10:08:21 UTC 2021


I've been running 14.0-CURRENT with the default raspberry image
(main-n245255-483c6da3a20) on my Raspberry 4.

I would like to follow CURRENT but there is not enough space with just
the SD card to compile on the pi.

I tried to compile the kernel, using the same git version but without
debug on my other computer (amd64, running 13.0-RELEASE) and install it
with SSHFS. But the new kernel failed to boot with an error 19. Here is how I
compiled the kernel  :

> git clone -o freebsd -b main src
> git checkout -b 483c6da3a20
> mkdir obj
> setenv MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX ~/softwares/raspberry-update/obj/
> time make -j 4 TARGET=arm64 TARGET_ARCH=aarch64 buildkernel KERNCONF=GENERIC-NODEBUG

> sshfs -o idmap=user root at raspberry:/ /raspberry
> make TARGET_ARCH=aarch64 DESTDIR=/raspberry/ KERNCONF=GENERIC-NODEBUG  installkernel

Any ideas ?
Thanks !

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