stable/13, vm page counts do not add up

Andriy Gapon avg at
Wed Apr 14 11:21:48 UTC 2021

On 14/04/2021 00:18, Mark Johnston wrote:
> fbt::vm_page_unwire:entry
> /args[0]->oflags & 0x4/
> {
> 	@unwire[stack()] = count();
> }

Unrelated report, dtrace complains about this probe on my stable/13 system:
     failed to resolve translated type for args[0]

And I do not have any idea why...

 From ctfdump:
   [27290] FUNC (vm_page_unwire) returns: 38 args: (1463, 3)

   <1463> TYPEDEF vm_page_t refers to 778
   <778> POINTER (anon) refers to 3575
   <3575> STRUCT vm_page (104 bytes)
         plinks type=3563 off=0
         listq type=3558 off=128
         object type=3564 off=256
         pindex type=3565 off=320
         phys_addr type=42 off=384
         md type=3571 off=448
         ref_count type=31 off=640
         busy_lock type=31 off=672
         a type=3573 off=704
         order type=3 off=736
         pool type=3 off=744
         flags type=3 off=752
         oflags type=3 off=760
         psind type=2167 off=768
         segind type=2167 off=776
         valid type=3574 off=784
         dirty type=3574 off=792

Andriy Gapon

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