Git-oriented and other documentation

Graham Perrin grahamperrin at
Sat Apr 10 03:43:20 UTC 2021

On 10/04/2021 00:16, Kevin Oberman wrote:

 > The updated mini-Git Primer is now included in the Developer's 
Handbook. See Chapter 5.



There's a slight discrepancy between 
(Committer's Guide, undated) exemplifying '-o freebsd' and 
<> (FreeBSD 
Handbook, undated) without the option in at least one example.

-o <name>, --origin <name> was recently discussed under 

(FreeBSD Developers' Handbook, 2021-01-12) there's some 
Subversion-related content in chapter five.

<> lacks a sidebar and currently refers to 
what appears to be an older edition of the FreeBSD Developers' Handbook: 
<> (2020-06-15, 
revision 54255 with reference to 
<> (bad link)).

<> is also mistakenly self-referencing when 
attempting to reach the FreeBSD home page (either click 'Home', or the 
FreeBSD icon).

<> includes a sidebar.

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