freebsd 13 ryzen micro stutter

monochrome monochrome at
Sat Apr 3 05:45:18 UTC 2021

OP here, I've been running with kern.sched.steal_thresh=1 with no 
stutter since it was originally suggested. I tried these instead and I 
get stutter, maybe a little less but its definitely back.

On 4/3/21 1:23 AM, Rozhuk Ivan wrote:
> I have no micro stutter with default kern.sched.steal_thresh=2, but I have set:
> kern.sched.balance=0			# Enables the long-term load balancer
> kern.sched.balance_interval=1000	# Average period in stathz ticks to run the long-term balancer
> kern.sched.affinity=10000		# Number of hz ticks to keep thread affinity for

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