Correct net80211 channel flag.

Bjoern A. Zeeb bzeeb-lists at
Fri Apr 2 20:41:08 UTC 2021

On 2 Apr 2021, at 6:44, Adrian Chadd wrote:

> I've got this in my local tree now.

That’s not a good idea?

> I have a note to go dig up which
> draft I yanked this from and update it with reference to the draft and
> the current spec.
> Thanks for pointing this out!

Aehm, am I missing something but I believe everywhere we use these 
we do properly apply a maskshift apart from 
ieee80211_vht_get_vhtcap_ie() where
we apply a shiftmask when setting them again after doing the logic 
so changing them will do us no good at all  or am I looking at the wrong 


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