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Quoting Alex S <iwtcex at> (from Sun, 22 Mar 2020 17:53:47 +0300):

> Alexander Leidinger wrote:
>> First step would be to get CUDA support in FreeBSD.
> Ahem, I have a little patch, consisting of several functions
> copy-pasted from the Linux driver, which is supposed to enable core
> CUDA functionality:
> This
> won't work for applications depending on unified memory support, but
> otherwise should be good enough.

Could you plesae describe a little bit more detailed what your shim  
does? I have the impression it maps some linux glibc symbols which are  
used in a NVidia library for CUDA which only exists as a linux lib to  
FreeBSD symbols and when some FreeBSD binary then tries to load the  
NVidia CUDA lib it is then using the FreeBSD libc/m/pthread.

If this is correct, what would be in your opinion the correct way to  
get official CUDA support? Something like the following or is more  
  - implement nvida-uvm
  - implement os_lock_user_pages
  - submit the above to NVidia and ask for the CUDA lob to be compiled  
for FreeBSD


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