HOWTO donate CPU to the fight against the Corona-virus

Stefan Ehmann shoesoft at
Sat Mar 21 10:38:37 UTC 2020

On Thursday, March 19, 2020 8:57:45 AM CET Alexander Leidinger via freebsd-
stable wrote:
> Hi,
> if someone wants to donate some FreeBSD based CPU resources to the
> fight against the Corona-virus, here is a quick HOWTO in terms of
> installing the Folding at Home client on FreeBSD:
> bsd-foldinghome/

Unfortunately, (using a CPU slot for the same work unit) TPF is 2-3 times
slower than on Ubuntu for me. Much of the speed difference seems to be related
to libOpenCL. If remove libOpenCL on Ubuntu, it's still 20-30% faster than on

Don't know how stable the TPF numbers are, so numbers may be bogus.

Will a CPU slot also use the GPU with libOpenCL or is it just using better
optimized code? I tried to install libOpenCL but all I get is:
OpenCL: Not detected: clGetPlatformIDs() returned -1001

Since there's no CUDA support for FreeBSD, I guess there is no point in trying
getting GPU slots to work.

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