HOWTO donate CPU to the fight against the Corona-virus

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> El día jueves, marzo 19, 2020 a las 08:57:45a. m. +0100, Alexander  
> Leidinger escribió:
>> Hi,
>> if someone wants to donate some FreeBSD based CPU resources to the
>> fight against the Corona-virus, here is a quick HOWTO in terms of
>> installing the Folding at Home client on FreeBSD:
>> I tested this on a recent -current.
> Alexander,
> As far as I understand, the binary(!) tool pulls tasks from the net and
> communicates the results back over net, correct?
> What about the security aspect of this?

This is correct. And a malicious person may distribute malware to you.  
If e.g. the group behind emotet would be able to infiltrate the  
servers of the project and inject their malicious payload somehow, it  
would be a big disaster (as there are even science organisations /  
universities / ... participating as far as I understand it).

Personally I have this binary running on FreeBSD in a jail, but also  
on a Windows laptop. This is something were everyone needs to do their  
risk-management on their own. Currently with the Corona-virus I  
consider for myself the benefit of participating with a lot resources  
more important than the risk (on the laptop). When the current  
situation normalizes, I probably stop the client on the laptop, but  
will let it run in the jail (with less resources donated to it).



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