[MFC Request]: snd_hda: Add Intel Cannon Lake support (r352775) isn't in 12-STABLE or 11-STABLE

Neel Chauhan neel at neelc.org
Wed Mar 18 02:14:27 UTC 2020

Hi freebsd-current@,

Back in September, I submitted a patch which adds support for the HD 
Audio codecs in Intel's Cannon Lake PCH as used by the HP Spectre x360 
2018/13-ap0053dx (the "13-p0043dx" is a typo). This was committed as 
r352775 and r352776.

However, these two patches are not in 12-STABLE or 11-STABLE, despite 
having a MFC tag. This means people with newer Cannon Lake-based laptops 
like the 2018 Spectre x360 (or a ThinkPad with an equivalent PCH) are 
forced to use CURRENT.

Could someone please MFC these patches?




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