Build failed compiling ittnotify_static.pico

Dimitry Andric dim at
Sat Mar 14 08:16:08 UTC 2020

On 14 Mar 2020, at 04:53, Masachika ISHIZUKA <ish at> wrote:
>>>>>>> cc: error: no such file or directory:
>>>>>>> '/usr/src/contrib/llvm-project/openmp/runtime/src/thirdparty/ittnotify/ittnotify_static.c'
>>>>>>> cc: error: no input files
>>>>>>> *** [ittnotify_static.pico] Error code 1
>> 'make cleanworld' solved it, build without error.
>> I used to always delete obj for years, but I've not done that for a
>> couple of years without any problems I've noticed.
>  Thank you for information.
>  I'll try it.

Obviously, cleaning up your /usr/obj will always help, but that is not
the point of the fix.  It should always be possible to do an incremental
buildworld, but there is a deficiency in our dependency tracking system.
When a file changes extension, but its basename stays the same, the
tracking does not notice it.

Assuming amd64 and the default /usr/src and /usr/obj setup, all the fix
has to do is to remove the file
since that will have a "stale" dependency on the old ittnotify_static.c
file in it.

It would still have been interesting to see why it did not work
correctly for the original posters.


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