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I am experiencing the following: Firefox, Chrome, LibreOffice freezes my FreeBSD-CURRENT after a few seconds (the disk is used intensivey but nor keyboard nor mouse is working, I can move the mouse pointer but nothing happens when I click with any of the buttons), nothing is written on the screen. As the mouse seems to not work I am not able to start any other application after starting the above programs. before starting those programs xterm, clang, etc is running correctly.

Ctrl-Alt-Del kills the xorg server, and the laptop returns to the character based screen. I can start X again with startx, and  it behaves in the same manner. 

A week ago when the above first happened then (as it was recommended in pkg-message) recompiling xorg-server with the FIXDRM option corrected the problem, but as FIXDRM is now removed I am not able to use those applications.

I tried to force the usage of dri3 as recommended, but did not help.

The system is a Lenovo T510 laptop, Intel I5-M520 CPU, integrated Intel Graphics , FreeBSD-CURRENT #358833, ports installed from pkg repository. 

best regards

Andras Krasznai

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Tárgy: users of drm-legacy-kmod or drm drivers from base

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In order to improve support for the new lkpi based graphics drivers 
(drm-kmod) and to improve the graphics stack we have switched mesa to 
prefer DRI3 over DRI2.  This was done in r528071.  For those using 
drm-kmod, this should improve performance somewhat, and more importantly 
alleviate the use of the FIXDRM option (now removed) in xorg-server.

However, for those of you using graphics/drm-legacy-kmod or the drm 
drivers in base, this change can cause issues.  If you are experiencing 
problems when running OpenGL applications, you can force the use of the 
DRI2 backend.

To force mesa to use DRI2, set the environment variable 
LIBGL_DRI3_DISABLE to 1 before starting any OpenGL application.  The 
easiest way to accomplish this is by adding it to either your shell 
startup file or ~/.xinitrc.

As an example, for users of [t]csh, put
in ~/.cshrc.

For users of bourne type shells (sh, bash, ksh, zsh, ...) instead put
in ~/.profile

If you are using these legacy drivers, I'm also very interested in 
hearing what issues you are facing that prevents you from using the new 
lkpi based drivers.

Niclas Zeising
FreeBSD Graphics Team
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