System clock is slow

Peter Jeremy peter at
Tue Mar 10 05:39:01 UTC 2020

On 2020-Mar-09 19:59:09 -0400, Theron <theron.tarigo at> wrote:
>Since switching from 12.1-RELEASE to CURRENT I've noticed timing 
>problems with audio applications.  It turns out that the problem is not 
>with the audio drivers, but with the system clock driver, which now 
>reports passage of time 0.3% too slow.  Although I discovered this only 
>recently, it's been broken since r352684 made on Sept. 25.  Has anyone 
>else noticed?

Note that r352684 was MFC'd to both 11-stable (r353007) and 12-stable
(r353006) in early October and I don't recall seeing any adverse
reports before this.

Are you running NTP?  If so, is NTP maintaining lock and what is the
reported PLL frequency (ntpq -c kerni)?

What does "sysctl kern.timecounter" report and have you tried using
any of the alternative timecounters listed in kern.timecounter.choice?

Are you overclocking your CPU (or doing anything else non-standard)?

Peter Jeremy
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