TLS certificates for NFS-over-TLS floating client

Rick Macklem rmacklem at
Wed Mar 4 03:16:02 UTC 2020


I am slowly trying to understand TLS certificates and am trying to figure
out how to do the following:
-> For an /etc/exports file with...
/home -tls -network -mask
/home -tlscert

This syntax isn't implemented yet, but the thinking is that clients on the
192.168.1 subnet would use TLS, but would not require a certificate.
For access from anywhere else, the client(s) would be required to have a

A typical client mounting from outside of the subnet might be my laptop,
which is using wifi and has no fixed IP/DNS name.
--> How do you create a certificate that the laptop can use, which the NFS
       server can trust enough to allow the mount?
My thinking is that a "secret" value can be put in the certificate that the NFS
server can check for.
The simplest way would be a fairly long list of random characters in the
organizationName and/or organizationUnitName field(s) of the subject name.
Alternately, it could be a newly defined extension for X509v3, I think?

Now, I'm not sure, but I don't think this certificate can be created via
a trust authority such that it would "verify". However, the server can
look for the "secret" in the certificate and allow the mount based on that.

Does this sound reasonable?

Also, even if the NFS client/server have fixed IP addresses with well known
DNS names, it isn't obvious to me how signed certificates can be acquired
for them?
(Lets Encrypt expects the Acme protocol to work and that seems to be
 web site/http specific?)

Thanks for any help with this, rick

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