Wired memory consumes almost all my memory recently

Kirill Ponomarev kp at krion.cc
Tue Mar 3 10:42:07 UTC 2020

On 03/03, Mateusz Piotrowski wrote:
> Hi current@,
> I'm experiencing some problems with memory on r358410.
> I'm building a lot of ports in poudriere for testing purposes, which is very
> a resource-intensive operation. After a couple of hours of such a workload,
> the machine starts to become much less responsive (e.g., it takes a couple
> seconds to start a new tmux pane). When I run top I would always see that
> almost all my memory is wired (15G), swap reports a couple of hundreds
> megabytes being used, and the free memory is less than 100M.
> If I kill all my desktop processes like Firefox and Thunderbird (it takes a
> couple of minutes to complete this task!) then the machine becomes
> responsive again, still having maybe a couple hundreds of megabytes of free
> memory for me.
> I thought that maybe this is an ARC problem (I'm using ZFS) but it didn't
> help to restrict ARC to 8G by setting sysctl vfs.zfs.arc_max=8517738496.
> I think that I've never experienced similar problems before.

Please try r358505, it should be fixed.
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