HEADS UP: FreeBSD src repo transitioning to git this weekend

Warner Losh imp at bsdimp.com
Thu Dec 17 00:46:48 UTC 2020


The FreeBSD project will be moving it's source repo from subversion to git
starting this this weekend. The docs repo was moved 2 weeks ago. The ports
repo will move at the end of March, 2021 due to timing issues.

The short version is that we're switching the version control we're using.
This switch will preserve much of the current FreeBSD development workflow.
After the switch, the subversion repo will become almost read-only. All
future work will be done in git, however as a transition aide we'll be
replaying the MFCs to stable/11, stable/12 and the related releng branches
for the life of those branches.

For more detailed information, please see
https://github.com/bsdimp/freebsd-git-docs/ for the current documentation.

Please see https://wiki.freebsd.org/git for the latest detailed schedule
(please note that this schedule is subject to change).


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