CTF: UEFI HTTP boot support

Rebecca Cran bcran at freebsd.org
Sat Jun 15 04:11:11 UTC 2019

I've been working with D Scott Phillips to test the UEFI HTTP loader
code he's written, and we're now ready for wider testing.

In the testing I've done I've discovered a couple of bugs in the
TianoCore EDK2 firmware, so I'd appreciate any testing people can do on
various different systems to check how well they work. In theory HTTPS
is also supported, but at least on TianoCore firmware it looks like TLS
has a bug which means the second connection causes the system to crash.
Also, this current work is IPv4 only: I hope to add IPv6 in the near future.

The patches can be found at:



There's a good guide to setting up the DHCP and HTTP servers at
https://en.opensuse.org/UEFI_HTTPBoot_Server_Setup .

Rebecca Cran

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