awk manual

Samy Mahmoudi samy.mahmoudi at
Mon Jul 23 23:06:21 UTC 2018


The awk manual seems out of date.

For example, the -V option is documented but is unknown at execution.
Reciprocally, --version is not documented but is functional at execution.
Under FreeBSD 12.0-CURRENT, the date at the end of the manual also seems
older than expected, as the FreeBSD Manual Pages indicates a newer date for
FreeBSD 11.2.

I could edit awk.1 and copy/paste a patch to solve these but reviewing the
whole manual may be better to eradicate other omissions. From the FreeBSD
Manual Pages, I have found out that options (including -V) were introduced
between 11.0 RELEASE and 11.1 RELEASE.

By the way, choosing the "FreeBSD 12-current" manual on that web page
actually gives the "FreeBSD 11.2" manual, seemingly.

Best regards,

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