update of graphics/drm-next-kmod to Linux 4.11 level for recent CURRENT and 11-STABLE

Johannes M Dieterich jmd at freebsd.org
Sun Feb 25 16:25:49 UTC 2018

Dear all,

Please CC me as I am not subscribed.

On behalf of the FreeBSDDesktop team and thanks to the tireless efforts
of Johannes Lundberg and Hans Petter Selasky (hselasky), I am pleased to
report that the graphics/drm-next-kmod port just received an update to
Linux level 4.11 KMS/DRM for amdgpu, radeon, and i915 for both recent

We have tested this on a range of hardware ourselves:
* Haswell
* Broadwell
* Skylake
* Evergreen
* Kaveri (both radeon and amgpu KMS)
* Carrizo
* Polaris

Needless to say, the possible space of hardware this could run on is
significantly larger. Hence, if you find issues and/or want to propose
patches, please do so at our development github:


We absolutely do welcome contributions!


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