buildworld falure: truncated or malformed archive

Ed Maste emaste at
Fri Dec 28 01:20:57 UTC 2018

On Thu, 27 Dec 2018 at 19:16, Warner Losh <imp at> wrote:
> On Thu, Dec 27, 2018, 5:29 PM Ed Maste <emaste at wrote:
>> On Thu, 27 Dec 2018 at 14:35, Ryan Stone <rysto32 at> wrote:
>> >
>> > I seem to recall something about libarchive or ar having a bug
>> > creating archives > 4GB,
>> Indeed, FreeBSD's bespoke ar does not support the /SYM64/ format
>> needed for offsets >4GB. imp@ also ran into this; I'm not sure what's
>> causing libclang.a to be >4GB. Is there one object file that's
>> unreasonably large?
> For me it was a DEBUG_FLAGS=-g I had in make.conf that I'd forgotten about.
> Ar should fail to create a .a that's >4GB.

Yes - at least, one with a symbol table. It's PR234454.

Next month two co-op students will start working for the FreeBSD
Foundation and adding 64-bit /SYM64/ support to ar will probably make
a good starting project for one of them.

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