ctm(1) deprecation in the FreeBSD base system?

Julian H. Stacey jhs at berklix.com
Mon Dec 24 09:33:41 UTC 2018

I wrote:
> I took current /usr/ports/misc/ctm/
> & converted Stephen's & my diffs to be automatic ports patches:
>  http://berklix.com/~jhs/src/bsd/fixes/freebsd/ports/gen/misc/ctm/files/
>  http://berklix.com/~jhs/src/bsd/fixes/freebsd/ports/gen/misc/ctm/README.JHS
> I haven't checked all execution as my ctm_rmail scripts run
> automaticaly on an older release, not my current box, but this is
> running OK so far:
> 	ctm -q /pub/FreeBSD/development/CTM/svn-cur/svn-cur.07000xEmpty.xz ;
>	ctm -q /pub/FreeBSD/development/CTM/svn-cur/svn-cur.07[0-9][0-9][0-9].xz

I checked the new ctm was behaving, seems to be except something odd:

At about svn-cur.07303 or so 
  (I'm not certain on the exact number, I deleted it from my log,
   but this is reproducible, I've done it more than once, could
   again if necessary, it just takes a lot of time)

I see a discrepancy using ctm to extract, between ctm
built on 9.2-RELEASE & ctm built {from both src or ports} on current.
Just the 9.2-RELEASE ctm does not create 3 zero size files:
All 3 trees contain 15 other zero size files, so presumably the
discrepancy is not to do with zero size files as such.
All 3 trees have no other files called rep-cache.db-journal

I created 3 new trees with
	ctm -q /pub/FreeBSD/development/CTM/svn-cur/svn-cur.07300xEmpty.xz
on all of { 9.2-RELEASE & ctm built {from src and ports} on current }
All 3 trees are the same, with all 3 rep-cache.db-journal

Then upgrading to svn-cur 7307 with
	ctm -q /pub/FreeBSD/development/CTM/svn-cur/svn-cur.07[0-9][0-9][0-9].xzthe 2 trees on current had identical file lists with all 3 rep-cache.db-journal
But again the tree in 9.2-RELEASE no longer included the 3 rep-cache.db-journal

Anyone know know if the discrepancy indicates something amiss with ctm ?
  (rep-cache.db-journal presumably from SVN, maybe older & newer CTMs
  have some different understanding that data i delivered from SVN ?
  seems a bit dodgy that, I'd have thought best if CTM had no knowledge
  what delivered its tree.)


Stefan wrote:
> I have converted the diffs into port patches (make makepatch) and
> updated the man-page revision dates of ctm.8 and ctm_rmail.8.
> The port update has been committed as r488168.
> I hope this brings the port to the level required to make the CTM
> port usable again.

Thanks I'll look.

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