workaround for VMware WS NAT bug triggered by OpenSSH 7.8p1 changes

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Sun Dec 23 09:05:05 UTC 2018

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> Cy Schubert <Cy.Schubert at> writes:
> > Hmmm. I guess Red Hat Enterprise Linux must be a toy OS then.
> I don't speak for them, but I assure you that both their code and ours
> are full of workarounds for bugs in third-party software and hardware,
> and it is ridiculous to claim otherwise.

I know our code is full of workarounds and theirs probably too. The 
question is should we? IMO no. It's yet another thing that diverges 
from baseline and that adds support costs (well, ok we're not a for 
profit business but you get the idea). Sure, you may be the person to 
support ssh here but divergence from baseline is usually not a good 
thing. When I was developer as a living management would rule against 
this kind of thing. Their rationale at the time was, "what if you're 
away?" At the time I'd curse at them but thinking about it years later, 
they did have a point.

> > No. We do like Red Hat does. Advise the customer to use a workaround 
> > until the other vendor fixes their code.
> With respect, that's not your decision.  It's mine.

With respect, I disagree with your decision then.

Please don't make that decision because your going to show me though.

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