The future of ZFS in FreeBSD

Pete Wright pete at
Wed Dec 19 18:55:18 UTC 2018

On 12/19/18 10:32 AM, Allan Jude wrote:
> The biggest thing to remember is that this is still OpenZFS, and still
> run by the same developers as it has been. We are just commonizing on
> the repo that has the most features integrated into it.
thanks for the clarification on this, as i was a bit confused as well. :)

One question - is there a plan to rename things to not be linux 
specific, especially since it seems that this effort will result in the 
original goal of the OpenZFS repro (if I am reading things correctly)?  
Or is that not going to happen because ZoL has the most commercial backing?

It's probably a mute point - but I do take pride in the fact that 
FreeBSD has had support ZFS for so long and has allowed me to do things 
for my customers that I can't do on I guess what I'm saying 
is I hope we don't loose credit for the hard work we've put into getting 
ZFS mainstream over the years :)


Pete Wright
pete at

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