WITH_META_MODE: any effect? Tree built twice!

Simon J. Gerraty sjg at juniper.net
Thu Dec 13 00:26:04 UTC 2018

O. Hartmann <ohartmann at walstatt.org> wrote:
> delete-old|-libs afterwards, I started again a build (filemon loaded!). And, surprise,
> surprise, compilation of all the long-haul taking LLVM/CLANG stuff starts again! That is
> not funny.

If you have META_MODE enabled -dM will tell you if meta_oodate
decided the target needs update - and if so exactly why.
Eg. a command changed, a file is updated, missing etc.

If it says nothing, then the target was out-of-date per normal make
> Why do I have to rebuild world twice to get WITH_META_MODE in effect?

I don't follow; why do you think that is the case?

> These setting dind't change over the past time, except some WITHOUT_ tags.
> Are there any unrevealed secrets?

If changing any of those knobs impacts CFLAGS etc - then pretty much
everything will be out-of-date.

Adding -dM to your build command should be very instructive.

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