WITH_CTF breaks CD loader: "File too big"

Yuri Pankov yuripv at yuripv.net
Mon Dec 3 16:56:54 UTC 2018

Yuri Pankov wrote:
> Warner Losh wrote:
>> On Mon, Dec 3, 2018 at 8:10 AM Warner Losh <imp at bsdimp.com> wrote:
>>> On Mon, Dec 3, 2018 at 12:24 AM Baptiste Daroussin <bapt at freebsd.org>
>>> wrote:
>>>> On Sun, Dec 02, 2018 at 06:08:34PM +0300, Yuri Pankov wrote:
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> Building disc1.iso using `make release` and having WITH_CTF set in
>>>>> src.conf leads to "File too big" displayed when booting the image.
>>>>> Would it make sense to build loader and related parts without CTF
>>>>> unconditionally as it doesn't look useful there?
>>>> Fully agree with you
>>> What a great Idea. We already turn it off in defs.mk:
> Sorry about that, I incorrectly assumed it wasn't done yet as there was
> a difference for me.
>>> MK_CTF=         no
>>> which should be global to every single Makefile under stand. I'm not sure
>>> why that's turning it back on.
>> % cat /etc/src.conf
>> WITH_CTF=yes
>> FRED=present
>> % cd stand/cdboot
>> % make -V MK_CTF
>> no
>> % make -V FRED
>> present
>> %
>> So this sure sounds like a false positive to me. Do you have logs showing
>> cdboot building with MK_CTF=yes?
> Diff'ing the log for src/stand w/o and with -DWITH_CTF shows a lot of
> ctfconvert calls in the latter case.  Attached is the diff of binary
> sizes in obj/ for stand/i386; could one of those be the problem I'm seeing?

If ctfconvert calls are indeed the source of problem, then something
seems to be wrong here (I didn't mention the "cdboot" binary exactly,
rather the binary it's trying to load):

yuripv:~/ws/ctf/stand/i386/loader$ make -V MK_CTF -V CTFCONVERT_CMD

yuripv:~/ws/ctf/stand/i386/loader$ make -DWITH_CTF -V MK_CTF -V
ctfconvert -L VERSION ${.TARGET}

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