ipv6/ppp: FreeBSD obtains linklocal on tun0 only

O'Connor, Daniel darius at dons.net.au
Mon Dec 3 02:36:12 UTC 2018

> On 3 Dec 2018, at 08:15, O. Hartmann <o.hartmann at walstatt.org> wrote:
> The documentation lacks in many aspects how to deal with IPv6, especially when it comes
> to "well known things from the old IPv4 world". Since DDNS also is still something people
> use with IPv6, MYADDR6 doesn't carry the IPV6 address obtained after rtsold has been
> started and rtsol tun0 has been issued as described above (MYADDR6/HISADDR6 are assigned
> with the linklocal addresses).

FWIW I use dhcp6c to get an IPv6 range from my ISP.

My /usr/local/etc/dhcp6c.conf looks like..

interface ng0 {
        send ia-pd 0;

id-assoc pd {
        prefix-interface bridge0 {
                sla-id 0;
                sla-len 8;

I am using mpd5 for PPPoE and bridge0 is my LAN interface.

My /etc/rtadvd.conf looks like..
# Leaving rltime at the default gives http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/query-pr.cgi?pr=162547
# setting it to 0 prevents it being used as a router. Setting to 1800 (the putative default)
# works..

where xxx is the IPv6 address of my server and yyy is my domain.

(I'm not sure if the comment regarding rltime is true any more though but it works so I don't touch it ;)

Daniel O'Connor
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