Native Encryption for ZFS on FreeBSD CFT

Matthew Macy mmacy at
Wed Aug 22 01:55:47 UTC 2018

To anyone with an interest in native encryption in ZFS please test the
projects/zfs-crypto-merge-0820 branch in my freebsd repo:

( git clone -b
projects/zfs-crypto-merge-0820 )

The UI is quite close to the Oracle Solaris ZFS crypto with minor
differences for specifying key location.

Please note that once a feature is enabled on a pool it can't be
disabled. This means that if you enable encryption support on a pool
you will never be able to import it in to a ZFS without encryption
support. For this reason I would strongly advise against using this on
any pool that can't be easily replaced until this change has made its
way in to HEAD after the freeze has been lifted.

By way of background the original ZoL commit can be found at:

Thanks in advance.

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