make -C weirdness

Sergey V. Dyatko sergey.dyatko at
Wed Nov 1 19:17:24 UTC 2017


Long time ago I wrote 2 simple aliases to my .cshrc:

search_key      make -C /usr/ports/ search key='!*' display=name,path,info
search_name     make -C /usr/ports/ search name='!*' display=port,path,info

it works fine starting from 7-CURRENT  IIRC. 
Today 	I tried to find some (existing) port and can't, for example:
[tiger at laptop]:/>make -C /usr/ports/ search name=teeworlds
[tiger at laptop]:/>
[tiger at laptop]:/>cd /usr/ports/
[tiger at laptop]:/usr/ports>make search name=teeworlds display=name,path,info
Port:   teeworlds-0.6.4_4 
Path:   /usr/ports/games/teeworlds 
Info:   Platform game featuring buggers equipped with

it is  on 12.0-CURRENT r324493
I missed something or it is a bug?

wbr, Sergey

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