bmake core dump

Simon J. Gerraty sjg at
Tue Feb 28 06:27:23 UTC 2017

Iblis Lin <iblis at> wrote:
> Accutally, I made it core dump via a julia script.
> Please checkout this code

I'm not familiar with juila, in most scripting languages
cmd = `/usr/bin/make -f - -V MAKE_ENV`
would run that command and assign the output to cmd.
The make instance would be reading from stdin which is rather unknown at
that point.

Could you perhaps run that with ktrace?


ktrace -i -t cnis -f /var/tmp/make.kt whatever command you ran
kdump -m 128 -f /var/tmp/make.kt > /var/tmp/make.kd

that would show what make is actually reading

> └─[iblis at abeing ]% cat test.jl
> makefile="""
> .include <>"""
> cmd = `/usr/bin/make -f - -V MAKE_ENV`
> in_ = Pipe()
> out, proc = open(cmd, "r", in_)
> print(in_, makefile)
> close(in_)
> @assert success(proc)
> close(out)

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