r313938 breaks portsnap

Vladimir Zakharov zakharov.vv at gmail.com
Tue Feb 21 14:43:58 UTC 2017


After recent upgrade portsnap doesn't work anymore:

# portsnap fetch update
Looking up portsnap.FreeBSD.org mirrors... 6 mirrors found.
Fetching snapshot tag from ec2-eu-west-1.portsnap.freebsd.org... done.
Fetching snapshot metadata... done.
Updating from Tue Feb 21 16:05:39 MSK 2017 to Tue Feb 21 16:59:30 MSK 2017.
Fetching 5 metadata patches.lam: unable to limit stdio: Capabilities insufficient
Applying metadata patches... done.
Fetching 5 metadata files... lam: unable to limit stdio: Capabilities insufficient
/usr/sbin/portsnap: cannot open 8c94d2c3f8fcea20eb1fd82021566c99c63a010e6b3702ee11e7a491795bcfb8.gz: No such file or directory
metadata is corrupt.

Reverting r313938 fixes the problem.

Regards,                 | "In theory there is no difference between theory
  Vladimir Zakharov      | and practice. In practice there is."- Yogi Berra

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