gptzfsboot trouble

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Wed Feb 8 12:51:34 UTC 2017

On Wed, 08 Feb 2017 13:40:25 +0100, Thomas Sparrevohn  
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> The bug in the bugzilla could be related - what is weird is I have been  
> running this setup for years without issues - which I guess just shows  
> how good ye'ol FreeBSD still is ;-) Tried to run through the svn log but  
> could not immediately see anything that seemed to be related

I was triggered on that bugzilla issue because of the wrong lba number.

> Would the photos of the screen help?

Everything helps.
NB: please keep the mailinglist in the address list. There are more  
knowledgeable people there.


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>> Hi all
>> Last week I decided to upgrade my FreeBSD installation - it's been a
>> while (September 16 was last time). Unfortunately CURRENT does not
>> boot and cash in a weird way. Both 11-RELEASE and 12 CURRENT boot
>> loader seems to attempt to read blocks that exceeds the physical disk.
>> Initially I through it was a hard disk error - but after a "oh"
>> experience I realised that the
>> "gptzfsboot: error 4 lba 921592" is actually beyond the physical
>> boundaries of the disk (300GB disk). In order to rule out different
>> options - I installed a vanilla 11-RELEASE on the 300G with a simple
>> stripe - it also gives the error but does boot - the LBA of the error
>> is slightly different on 11 CURRENT and comes up with LBA 921600
>> I have scanned all the disks for physical faults and there seems to be
>> none and I have tried doing a single disk installation on each disk -
>> they give the same error - Does anybody have any idea? Included Photos
>> as sometimes it get through to the actual boot menu but then crash in
>> another place
>> I have some images - but they are 2 bit for the mailing list ;-)
> Can it be related to this issue?
> Would be nice if you tell more about the system. CPU? dmesg?
> The 11-RELEASE did that boot from the same disk? In the mentioned issue  
> there is the case that gptzfsboot does recognize a secondary disk (can  
> be configured as mirror), but not the first.
> As you say UFS works, the bug might be in the gptzfsboot code, because  
> that is not used for UFS.
> Regards,
> Ronald.

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